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Beauty for a purpose.


Raising the bar when it comes to the role of a brand in today's world: 
diversity, empowerment, democracy.



Building cultural relevance and influencing people.
Big content > Big data


Our challenge with Netflix is keeping the bar high (and rising).


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Freedom. From head to toes.


We are part of Ipanema's movement to change the way the brand talk to its consumers,
in a ever growing digital and interactive context. 


Always relevant fashion content.


Riachuelo is one of Brazil's biggest fashion retailers.  They rely on Mutato to create
brand relevance in a moment of fast paced changes in their industry.


Do what you can't.


A defying brand positioning that provokes us to deliver top notch content for Samsung, no matter if it's a product launch or a CSR initiative


The most iconic brand in the world.


We proudly help Coke socialize - in Brazil and beyond. Our work is spread over several brands and platforms, including Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta and a couple of transversal special projects. 


Redefining the way fintechs advertise in Brazil.


By helping Mercado Pago have a better understanding of their target, Mutato built an extensive content platform that truly engaged the real Brazilian entrepreneurs.