We transform data-driven creative ideas into social brand experiences that are timely, engaging and aligned to business objectives. 

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We use data intelligence and social analytics to bring growth to our clients owned media assets and also increase in share of conversation in the social space.


Realtime marketing should be a continuous practice, and even going beyond social and digital disciplines. Our work for Coca-Cola is the ultimate proof point of this.



By gathering intelligence from our predictive practice, we create and produce storytelling material that attracts audience to brands. Instead of the commercial, we build the show. Instead of the banner ad, we build the feature story. The value returned is often that people associate good things with — and return to engage with — the brand.

Beauty for a purpose.


Raising the bar when it comes to the role of a brand in today's world: diversity, empowerment, democracy.



The most iconic brand in the world.


As one of their main AORs in Digital, Content and Realtime Marketing, we proudly help Coke socialize - in Brazil and most recently, worldwide. Our work is spread over several brands and platforms, including Coke, Coke Zero, Coke Light, Sprite, Fanta and a couple of transversal special projects. 


Winning the right way.


Seasoned executives face the challenges of vibrant startups, and vice-versa. An original series created and produced by Mutato and distributed by Fox, in three episodes.


We've been working with Google since Mutato didn't even exist.


Google is our client since 2010. We've been helping them tropicalize products and make friends in Brazil ever since. Our work for them range from fostering social conversations to making innovative marketing experiences. 



In Brazil, the world's best piece of confectionary have entered popular culture through social conversations.


From influence marketing to digital consultancy, we help make Kitkat a popular brand in Brazil.



Building cultural relevance and influencing people. Big content > Big data.


Our challenge with Netflix is keeping the bar high (and rising).



Open Arms.


From the heart of Rio, Pirelli tells stories of protection.


A lovebrand when it comes to offroad in Brazil.


We make content that builds audience and strenghtens connections between them and Troller.