Part of the J. Walter Thompson Company, we are an agency focused on building brands through content, entertainment and experiences.
Traditional Advertising is just (an increasingly small) part of it.

Technology is changing everything. The advertising industry is trying to adapt to a world where behaviors and habits have been changing drastically, and will continue to do so. Before being consumers, people are audiences for whose attention companies compete fiercely. They are also potential activists in search of causes and meanings. In this post social media world, Brands have opportunities and threats that may change very rapidly. We believe our main value proposition as a company is to help them navigate this new reality.

Our business model is hybrid: we produce everything we create. The speed of change in marketing transforms our model into a valuable advantage for clients that choose to work with us. Our working process is very horizontal and collaborative - ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. The diversity of our team is a building block of our culture, and allow us to imprint equally diverse and inclusive points of view in all work we produce.

Founded in October 2012, Mutato is run by Eduardo Camargo - Chief Executive & Creative Officer - and Andre Passamani, Chief Operating Officer. They have been working together since 2005: prior to Mutato, Eduardo and Andre were known for their tenure in the highly awarded full-service digital company Colmeia. 



Eduardo Camargo
Founder, Chief Executive / Chief Creative Officer

Andre Passamani
Founder, Chief Operating Officer


Associates & Staff


Decio Freitas
Director of Business Development

Fernanda Guimarães
Executive Creative Director

Daniel Cecconello
Director of Operations

Eduardo Zanelato
PR Lead / Content Strategist

Daniel Gasparetti
Head of Strategy

Lara Kaletrianos
Executive Production Director


We currently have no available positions. But change happens all the time and soon we might have something for you. Who knows. If you wish to be considered for an eventual position, you should start with this form. We know it looks too long, but if you work on it with an open heart, I assure you it won't hurt. Depending on your answers and our interpretation of them, we'll call you up for a live chat, over a coffee. Or two.