Rethink Praise

PRODUCT: Institutional
ABOUT: in this global project co-created with Avon, J.Walter Thompson Sidney and Maria Farinha Filmes,  we developed a content platform to discuss how the way we praise boys and girls help to reinforce gender inequality since childhood. Launched in Brasil, the documentary Rethink Praise, directed by the renowned director Estela Renner sparked discussions across the country generating brand relevance and momentum for a deeper reflection about our individual role in raising more gender-balanced generations. 

Chat2Get Fanta

PRODUCT: Fanta Guaraná
ABOUT: Coca-Cola Brasil had to launch a new Fanta flavour: Fanta Guaraná, in the unusual position of a market challenger. They partnered with Mutato to create a digital campaign aiming to generate product trial. Along with Facebook, we came up with a bot dynamics where consumers engaged in a fun conversation with the brand and got free coupons to try Fanta Guaraná at McDonald's. With 1.7 million coupons generated, the campaign became the biggest digital sampling for Coca-Cola Brasil. 

Fidelity Test

CLIENT: Netflix
PRODUCT: Netflix
ABOUT: we were briefed to generate conversations in Brazil about Netflix Cheating (the habit of watching Netflix without your significant other) and to do that we recreated a famous Brazilian trash TV show: João Kleber's "Fidelity Test". In it, men were tempted to cheat on their wives by beautiful models without knowing they were being recorded. Instead of a model, we had Netflix. The results of our social video were impressive: 22MM people impacted; 9MM views (4.5MM of them 100% organic); 35K+ shares; 60K+ comments; and 100 media articles about our campaign.

Real Time Marketing Rio 2016

CLIENT: Coca-Cola
PRODUCT: Rio 2016 sponsorship
ABOUT: to engage teens with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, we worked with Coca-Cola to create a series of real time content uniting digital influencers, musicians, athletes and even Coca-Cola's iconic Bear around the event. Our work started a year earlier to boost teens' interest in the Olympic Torch Relay during the torch bearers selection process, and evolved to an integrated work to turn the Bear into a digital influencer (with 100K+ followers and counting). Building on that first moment, we created an itinerant Real Time content structure to produce a webserie with influencers conducting the Torch around the country during the Torch Relay itself. When we reached the final stop - Rio de Janeiro - we moved to Parada Coca-Cola, the space the brand created in Rio to engage with teens and host its activation efforts for the Olympics. Our mission was to expand the physical experience of Parada to thousands of teens that couldn't be there - and we did so through digital, co-creating with MTV a music festival broadcasted through Facebook Lives. In parallel, our team produced a series of real time content for the brand both locally and globally, responding to what was happening during the Games. The result? Coca-Cola was the most mentioned brand during the event and reached unprecedented engagement rates with the target.


CLIENT: Avon Brasil
PRODUCT: BB Cream Matte ColorTrend
ABOUT: To launch the BB Cream Matte Avon ColorTrend in Avon Brazil 1st full digital campaign we decided to go for a bold move. Our product was very accessible and democratic, so our cast should be. A group of artists and activists that never had been shown in beauty adverts before: transgenders, gender fluids, lesbians and androgynous - all led by Brazilian queer muse Elke Maravilha. We reached best sales results for ColorTrend in 4 years, generated 700MM impacts, 86MM views, 75 media articles and sparked discussions all over the country, from politicians to academics. 



CLIENT: Avon Brasil
PRODUCT: Attraction Fragrance
ABOUT: how to turn the launch of Avon's Attraction male & female fragrances into a social discussion about the rules of attraction? Making people think twice about what they see. Our video brought an androgynous couple dancing, in a deep connection. At first, some people thought they were a same-sex couple - and hatred remarks started to pop up in Avon's timelines. But they were actually a straight couple, and the dubious interpretation sparked discussions about gender identity, visibility and equality - with a very positive return to the brand: more than 10MM people impacted, 12K+ comments and 18K+ shares and an overall positive response to our campaign.

De Braços Abertos

CLIENT: Pirelli
PRODUCT: Christ the Redeemer sponsorship
ABOUT: Pirelli is a sponsor of Christ the Redeemer, Brazil's iconic statue positioned in one of Rio de Janeiro's highest mountains. For years, consumers didn't associate the icon to the brand, and to tackle the issue Mutato was chosen to activate the sponsorship in 2016 - year of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Our solution: to create a digital campaign showcasing inspiring stories of Brazilians who silently protected other people - just like the Christ, just like Pirelli tyres. 


CLIENT: Petrobras
PRODUCT: Petrobras
ABOUT: In 2014, Petrobras faced one of its deepest crisis amidst one of Brazil's biggest corruption scandals. It led to a series of processes changes, and the state-owned company had to communicate that to the population. Mutato helped Petrobras to build a digital content platform where regular people asked straightforward questions about changes in the way the company does business - and got the answers from top executives leading the change process from within. 

Tweet a Coke

CLIENT: Coca-Cola
PRODUCT: Coca-Cola
ABOUT: 2015, Summer in Brazil. Coca-Cola asked us to explore ways to make people engage with the Share a Coke effort. Coca-Cola teamed up with McDonald's and Twitter to create a virtuous sampling initiative: citing @CocaNoMc profile, people could give 1 free Coke at Mc Donald's to those they cared about. The campaign became one of the most successful samplings in Coca-Cola's history. 


CLIENT: Google
ABOUT: In 2014, selfies became a hit. In Brazil, the biggest YouTube phenomena was the humor channel Porta dos Fundos. What if we combined the two to create a meaningful connection for people lives? Using beacon technology, we created selfie machines across São Paulo where people took selfies and were immediately positioned between the cast of Porta dos Fundos. Some 9,000 selfies later, we confirmed the potential of our idea.