Real Time Marketing Rio 2016

CLIENT: Coca-Cola
PRODUCT: Rio 2016 sponsorship
ABOUT: to engage teens with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, we worked with Coca-Cola to create a series of real time content uniting digital influencers, musicians, athletes and even Coca-Cola's iconic Bear around the event. Our work started a year earlier to boost teens' interest in the Olympic Torch Relay during the torch bearers selection process, and evolved to an integrated work to turn the Bear into a digital influencer (with 100K+ followers and counting). Building on that first moment, we created an itinerant Real Time content structure to produce a webserie with influencers conducting the Torch around the country during the Torch Relay itself. When we reached the final stop - Rio de Janeiro - we moved to Parada Coca-Cola, the space the brand created in Rio to engage with teens and host its activation efforts for the Olympics. Our mission was to expand the physical experience of Parada to thousands of teens that couldn't be there - and we did so through digital, co-creating with MTV a music festival broadcasted through Facebook Lives. In parallel, our team produced a series of real time content for the brand both locally and globally, responding to what was happening during the Games. The result? Coca-Cola was the most mentioned brand during the event and reached unprecedented engagement rates with the target.